Yorkshire Water Recognised by Finance for the Future

On October 16th Yorkshire Water were awarded the ‘Finance For The Future Award’ recognising their leadership in finance by ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) for embedding an integrated approach. Alongside five other winners and five highly commended, Yorkshire Water are among businesses setting “a great example to the wider business community in how to use financial leadership to create more sustainable economies”, according to ICAEW head of sustainability Richard Spencer. The Awards are a joint initiative of ICAEW and The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S), who identified over the last seven years more than 80 winners and finalists who lead the business community on integrating sustainability.
The award recognised Yorkshire Water’s work on their six capitals sustainability accounting approach, reflected in the report ‘Our Contribution to Yorkshire’ that reviewed the firm’s impact and dependencies across six capitals – Financial, Manufactured, Natural, Human, Intellectual and Social; the was underpinned by Route2’s Total Capital Accounting. Read more about this work in our case studies page.

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