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Embodied in three core services, these new forms and formats can incentivise countries and corporations to establish more resilient and long standing foundations for wealth creation and distribution.


First, they manifest from real-time, ground-sourced, web-sourced, and direct disclosure-sourced data and information. 

Secondly, the sourced data and information is structured and analysed according to Route2’s understanding of what drives wealth creation. Resulting services offer richer and more current views on what drives and undermines wealth creation.



Balancing requisite short term financial returns with strategies for long term and resilient wealth creation…

Route2's Value 2 Society™ product strengthens our clients’ societal license to operate and enriches their views on future risks and opportunities.

The full Value 2 Society™ engagement classifies and quantifies all impacts resulting from business activities, positive and negative, across value chains, upstream and downstream. Additionally, economic valuation is utilised to enable impact comparison, aggregation and integration.

Example modules, which are all available independently include: Supply Chain Risk Assessment & Evaluation; Integrated Reporting Support; Spatially Explicit Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Service Provision; Human Capital Economic Valuation; Social Capital Economic Valuation; and Social Benefit Assessment & Evaluation of Products.

Data & Analytics

Generating fresh insights on risks to and opportunities for long term and resilient wealth creation...

Route2 data sets, which inform our advisory services, are independently available on a subscription basis to organisations with specific issue based needs. Example data sets include: event probabilities e.g. fraud incident, workforce strike, pollution spill etc. and country-industry impact profiles e.g. indirect modern slavery, first tier carbon dioxide, direct occupational injuries etc.

Credit Ratings

Providing alternative views on creditworthiness...

Standard creditworthiness methodologies augmented with Route2’s data, information and insight provide alternative and challenging views to convention. Route2 Credit Ratings, of sovereign and corporate issuers, follow the familiar alphanumeric rating form and are supported by summary and more detailed reports.

Issuer credit ratings will be available on a subscription basis and will reflect a constant real time ground sourced flow of data and information.



Route2’s understanding of the foundations for wealth creation assigns primacy to six types of capital-stock and eight types of capital flow.

The route to establishing more resilient and long standing foundations for wealth creation is the effective management of six types of capital stock. This is achieved through maintaining respective critical stock components, enhancing their functional out-flows, and developing a clear and actionable understanding of stock interdependencies and stock-flow interrelationships.


Financial Capital

The cash & cash equivalents that provide a store of market value and a medium of exchange for other stock functions


Manufactured Capital

The inventory of property, plant, equipment and other manufactured goods that house economic activities, perform mechanical work and provide inputs to other production processes


Natural Capital

The store of ecosystem goods and services, such as minerals, carbon sequestration and biodiversity produced by the natural environment


Human Capital

The physical and psychological capacity of individuals to undertake market based employment and pursue wider aspirations


Intellectual Capital

The store of knowledge orchestrating the production of economic goods and services, driving innovation and furthering the development of humanity


Social Capital

The store of trust between people and organisations that facilitate all human exchanges, whether market based or wider social interactions



Example case studies include:

The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate

Total Contribution

Route2 has been integral to The Crown Estate’s Total Contribution initiative since inception. Total Contribution quantifies and communicates The Crown Estate’s contribution to the UK economy and wider society. The core methodologies are now evolving into decision-making tools, for example, an aid to investment management. Further, Route2 has supported The Crown Estate in quantifying the economic benefits of ecosystem services produced across their rural and coastal portfolio.




Green Book & Value 2 Society

Route2 has been central to the development and deployment of SGS’s unique Green Book and Value 2 Society framework. The Green Book is an ancillary management account, recording non-financial data (e.g. tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, equal opportunity ratios etc.). It has been implemented across more than 50 countries of operation. Attainment of associated performance targets influences performance reviews. Driven by Green Book data, Value 2 Society helps SGS identify the future risks to and opportunities for their diverse services.  

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water

Total Impact

Route2 has supported Yorkshire Water in their Total Impact initiative, providing advice on impact characterisation, quantification and economic valuation. Total Impact helps Yorkshire Water better understand the full consequences of routine operations across the value chain and thereby help reveal future risks and opportunities. Further, Route2 has supported Yorkshire Water quantify the economic benefits of ecosystem services produced across their rural portfolio.



Economics of Green Chemistry

Route2 has supported Nike's pursuit of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. Specifically, using Route2’s economic models and economic valuation techniques, Route2 supported the full cost benefit analyses of shifts to green (non-hazardous) chemicals across footwear and clothing ranges.



Sustainable Development Goals

Route2 supports PwC in the development and deployment of their Sustainable Development Goal [SDG] ‘Business Navigator’. The navigator enables organisations to distil the SDG priorities across their countries of operation and the associated risks to growth if host countries do not achieve the goals.


Route2’s credit rating service is currently in beta mode. 

The Route2 App and Route2 Search Engine, which surface and extract the data and information underpinning this, are in a planned testing mode. 

More details will be disclosed in the near future. 


If you have an interest in social, political and environmental issues and their influence on finance please apply. Quantitative and analytical skills are favoured, but not essential. Successful applicants will be involved in an exciting business, have immediate responsibilities and receive a competitive salary.

If you believe you could add value to Route2, please email a CV and covering letter to

Your covering letter must be brief, explaining your motivations and professional interests.

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Examples of potential projects include:

- Probability of tailings dam failures and their consequences
- Balance between knowledge obsolescence and employee training
- Air quality levels and associated health costs
- Modern slavery occurrence across industry sector value chains
- Private Security Contractors: balancing profit and care in immigration detention
- Supply chain risk in the procurement of construction materials
- Levels of torture and foreign direct investment


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